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A Letter

From Father God 

This is a letter from your Father God. 

My Child I adore. I have always adored you. You were in my heart and I placed you as a gift in your mother's womb, and you are not a mistake. I have seen you and watched over you. I have longed for the day when your heart would turn toward me. For I Am your Father and you are My child. Yes, you are Mine and I am yours forever. I was so excited the moment your heart turned toward Me. I celebrated in heaven and declared, I Love you My child! You do not know how I have longed and waited for you. Just as you did not know the depths of My love for you. Now, you are Mine and you have won my heart!

My heart can only dwell in a pure vessel, and as you have turned your life and heart toward Me, I have cleansed you and now I see you through the pure blood of My Son Jesus. You have allowed Me to wash you in His blood that was shed for you. His blood has made you pure and clean and now everything is clear. So be transparent my love, be transparent. As you are transparent then the world will see Me in You. Many will come to know My love for them too.

I have loved you with an everlasting love. My desire is for you. I have written this letter because I long to be with you. My desire is to hold you in My arms. Yes I love You. I will hold you in My arms for I love you, I love you!

As you learn more of Me, all that you have longed for and all that you have desire will be yours. I will give you the desire of your heart. As Ester went before her king and brought him much pleasure, so you come before Me and you have brought Me much pleasure.

You are My treasure. There will be no limited to what I will do for you and what I will give to you. Know this, the gold is mine and the silver is mine and the cattle on a thousand hills are mine. For I know the secrets of your heart and their desires. I will give to you infinitely more than you can hope, dream or imagine.

Many will see My love and favor on your life and some will even be jealous, but don't be concerned. There are thoses who were jealous on My Son Jesus, when He walked on the earth. But as you acknowledge Me in all yours ways, My love and favor will be with you every step that you take. My eyes are watching over you. I am searching the earth seeking for those who hearts are toward Me. Just keep your eyes on Me. Listen closely to My Holy Spirit, for He speaks only what My Son Jesus and I speak. Keep pouring out your love on others, for My love will never fail. I have put a new song in your heart and My praises on your lips, many will see and fear and put their trust in Me and My Son. I will surprise you and I will do great things for you in your life. I have plans to prosper you, plans to give you a hope and a future. My Spirit has already been in your future and made a way for you. Believe me, for I do love you so much that I sent my Son to die for you on the cross, so you might have life with Me. Life more abundantly, life overflowing and soon the day will come when you will see Me face to face. You're mine, and in My arms we will walk into eternity.

  With all My love,


Father God

A letter from Father God.
A prayer to know Jesus, Father God and Holy Spirit.