Hurricane Katrina

Who was God speaking through, warning us?

This is an exciting time for the true church of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a time to reach out to the hurting people of New Orleans and the gulf coast. It is also a time God is watching for our reaction. I believe God is dividing of the wheat and tears and the goat and the sheep. Who will walk in God's ways and obey His word and follow His commandments? We have entered a new day, and new era for the Spirit-filled - love filled church! Let not your heart be troubled, but rejoice! Our Lord is bringing in the harvest. His Glory always, always - every time has a violent reaction when it hits the presence of sin or evil! This can be the churches finest hour! Get ready! The storm is coming, the earth is shaking but God's glory is more powerful! When the enemy comes in, then like a FLOOD our God will RAISE a standard up! God wants to Raise His Blood bought people to do His work, to SHARE HIS LOVE like we have never loved before!

For nothing is impossible! Jehovah is GOD!


Prophecies and New Orleans

God's Judgments are with God's Mercy, The Wrath of God is without Mercy

Out of the mouth of two or three, let everything be established. This is for informational purposes only.


http://www.biblelandmission.org/ (then go to: 1998 Prophecy - Five Angels or Vision Prophecy) By Rev. Samuel Doctorian as seen on the Benny Hinn program early 2005.

Recently Benny Hinn and Marilyn Hickey both have been saying that there is coming changes in the weather. Benny Hinn stated that dark days are ahead and he described them as frightening! The only safe place will be in Jesus!

He is the Good News! He is our Hope! Oh church get your heart ready! Repent and seek the Lord, for only in him are we safe from the storms!

Jim Bakker July 11, 2005 on the Lesea Network, on Direct TV, 12 midnight 3 AM EST, shared a dream the Lord gave him in the late 90's. New Orleans would be covered in water. He also predicted that explosions would be heard in New York and Washington D.C. and a key military defense facility would be hit and planes! His prophetic insight into future events has been accurate. He speaks from a heart of love and brokenness that is as sweet as honey.


God told us he would do nothing unless He revealed it to His prophets. Did God speak to today's servants His prophets and we did not have an ear to hear? Those who have an ear let him hear what the Spirit of God says to the church. God is always speaking, the question remains, Are we listening? I wanted you who are hungry for God to know what the prophetic voices are saying in the land. We gathered different prophetic voices in the land so you might have questions answered. These different parts of the body of Christ, these prophetic voices will form a more complete picture of what God is saying to His church. Someone asked me do you think this is God's Judgment? I said it only takes God to move one small finger away from us to have what seems like all hell break loose. The question should be, Are we in God's perfect will? Are we doing anything that would remove for just a moment God's protection over us? We need to abide in the secret place of the Most High God! We need to obey the Word of God. God wrote His Word for our blessing, for our protection. I have heard these words over and over in my spirit for the last several weeks. "Go and sin no more, lest something worst comes upon you!" Please, let us not forget to love the help those who have been devastated by this event. For if we help the poor, we lend to God and God will repay! Let us not judge the poor people hurt by this but pour God's love out to them in their time of need.

Cheryl Lundberg


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